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Lift Station

Residential Lift Station

Residential Lift Station

Tramco 960 - Inside Lift Station

Tramco's 960 Inside Lift Stations are engineered and precision build for years of dependable service. Quality materials and construction, allow for continuous operation.

Heavy duty 2” sewage ejector, capable of pumping over 100 gallons per minute. Designed for over 30 Years of maintenance free operation.

1/2 H.P., 115V, totally enclosed fan cooled, double capacitor start with automatic resetting overload protection.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel fitted to receive drain tile and a filter plate for a seepage bed.

Check Valve
Soft acting, Bronze seat readily accessible under a removable cover. The check valves shall allow flow by gravity when the pump is temporarily inoperable due to power failure.

Large cleanout opening with a gasketed cover.

Liquid Level Control
Nema-1 float switch with Stainless Steel float ball and float rod.

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